Kyra Thompson

My name is Kyra. I am a mother of four awesome kids and a wonderful husband. They keep my life busy and full. I am passionate about fitness. It is my outlet. If I I have had a hard day or am just grumpy, as soon as I set foot in a gym or go for a hike or walk I feel my spirits lifted. I believe exercise teaches you so much about life- what you are capable of, that you can do hard things. It teaches you determination, strength, perseverance. Not to mention the benefits of health! It is not just about looking good- it is about health and feeling good. Working out is a gift and I look at is as a blessing to be able to move and change, to get stronger and grow! It is an even greater gift to be able to share that with others! That is why I LOVE to teach, coach and instruct.

I thrive when working out with others. Being surrounded by strong, motivated people keeps me going. We challenge, encourage and push each other. I especially love that about Total Fit 180- everyone is so dang strong and determined!

I grew up in a very active home. We biked, hiked, played racquetball, tennis, baseball, went knee boarding, wakeboarding, snow skiing and snowboarding. I played basketball and volleyball through high schoool. I knew from a young age I wanted to teach! Ever since I was about six and did FIRM workout videos with my mom. I have taught aerobics over 15 years. I LOVE IT! I began with teaching step aerobics at my college because I loved that format as a child. I have since taught aqua, full body toning, Pilates, and cycle. I love nearly all formats of exercise- anything that makes me sweat, I AM IN! ☺ 

I am certified group fitness instructor through AFFA and certified cycle instructor through Keiser. I look forward to working with and getting to know everyone!!