Kyle Haecker

Fitness and sports has always been a huge part of my life. I had the opportunity to continue my passion for sports and fitness at CBU and Hope International as a collegiate athlete. I was blessed to be apart of a few semi-professional teams and had the chance to play in Costa Rica for a bit. After my playing days were over, I furthered my passion for fitness by attaining a personal trainer ISSA certified. My training is specialized in: Functional Training and Kettlebell Training. I have continued my love for soccer by coaching at Great Oak High School. I have been coaching at the varsity level for 4 years. I am pursuing my teaching credentials in physical education and can't wait to start sharing my knowledge and passion with my students. Beyond training, coaching, and teaching I am an enthusiast for the outdoors. My spare time is spent rock climbing multi-pitches with my rad girlfriend, mountain bike riding, exploring new hikes, pick up soccer games, and basically any adventure outside! Recently I have competing in spartan races and plan on completing their tri-fect (which is all 3 of their races). Thus far I have finished in 4th place for the sprint and 1st place for the super with only one race left to conquer which is the BEAST.