Erin Cohen

At 16, Erin Cohen convinced her parents to let her take certification courses to start her career in Yoga. It was the best thing she ever convinced them to do. She is now a mom of two very cute kids, Mia and Eli. She loves climbing, running, and a newly discovered flying trapeze! On the tough days of being mom she really just might run off to join the circus. 
Erin has taught various professional athletes ranging from MMA fighters, motocross riders, runners, and golfers. 
> Erin believes Yoga should be fun and for everyone. Because of her background in other fitness classes and trainings she incorporates lots of Pilates and mobility training to help achieve a well balanced class. 

> Erin is trained through Yogafit and has a Bachelors in exercise physiology with an emphasis in Sports Medicine from BYU.