April Cruz

April is the epitome of fitness at its best! April graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cal Poly State University (San Luis Obispo) with a B.S in Psychology in addition to a concentration in Neuropsychology along with two credited minors in Ethnic Relations & Studies and Exercise Science. April specifically took academic course work involving Kinesiology, Nutrition and Exercise Science for the purpose of gaining knowledge of how both physically and mentally the body functions and is affected when it comes to biology, the environment, food, and situational circumstances one is placed in. Being born and raised in an active and adventurous family, its easy to see why she continued to explore, grow, and expand her educational and career pursuits of Physical Fitness as a Personal Trainer. April has been a certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach for Adults and youth for the past 11 years. She has successfully owned and operated indoor and outdoor boot camps, employed, trained and managed a large Accredited Personal Training Staff, lead Health Seminars along with weight loss transformation programs and has over 11 years experience with personal one on one trainings. April purchased and currently owns and operates Total Fit 180 which has been successfully in existence for the past 8 years till the present.

Total Fit 180 offers a variety of customized workouts: yoga, boot camp, strength training, barre workouts, spin, zumba, Aerial Silks, Calisthenics, Boxing, Spartan Training and Ninja Warrior Training, Nutrition and meal planning programs, Weight loss challenges and transformations, along with personal training. April has a vast repertoire of trainings that she offers to group and individual clients: boot camp, strength and total body conditioning, targeted strength/tone classes: Legs, Upper Body, Core, including weight loss/High Intensity Cardiovascular routines which involve HIIT, Tabata, AMRAP, spin, and specific athletic Sport Performance & Conditioning Training (i.e. Ironman, Half/Full Marathons, Motocross, Police, Fire, Military conditioning, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering etc. for Adults and Youth. In addition, for the past 7 years April has managed and supervised the fitness program for Rock Fitness which is a Rock Climbing facility that offer a full size gym, rock climbing, outdoor climbing excursions, youth competitive rock climbing, and Aerial Silks for Adults and youth, Spartan and Ninja Warrior Training. Want guaranteed Rock Solid Results while having fun and making fitness a lifestyle.. then come see what makes her training facility elite and her program and trainings so effective!